FHA Mortgage with Bad Credit
Learn About the Streamline Refinance and FHA

Now you can find lenders that specialize in bad credit FHA mortgages and subprime home loans for applicants with low credit scores. Our lending partners offer FHA mortgage programs that are insured by the government for refinance, for debt consolidation, house financing, repairs, cash out and rate and term refinancing. The FHA streamline refinance provide existing government borrowers with fast refinancing and low interest rate terms. Loan costs will only be charged in the loan, and the homeowner is only responsible for the closing costs if they agree to the loan and sign the loan documents with escrow. There are never any application fees when shopping FHA refinance loans with participating lenders online that are associated with HMBC.

  • Streamline Financing to 100%
  • FHA Home Loans for People with Poor Credit
  • Bad Credit Refinancing with FHA
  • 15 and 30 Year FHA Refinance Mortgages
  • Refinance with Little or No Income Documentation
  • Quick Funding FHA Refinancing
  • Fico Scores as low as 500 on Bad Credit FHA Mortgage
  • Low Payment Purchase Loans with 3.5% Down
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Home Mortgage Bad Credit provides the lowest rate FHA home loans in the county. Don't miss out on the best government insured interest rates that we have seen in decades. If you have been rejected for a conventional loan recently, we recommend FHA, because they are more flexible with home equity and credit!

  • FHA Streamline Loans up to $700,000
  • Borrow up to 100% of your home's appraised value.
  • Finance Home Rehabilitation up to 115% under 203K program
  • FHA Refinance Mortgages reduce paper-work for faster process
  • Fixed Streamline Rates competitively priced
  • Appraisal Requirement Waived with FHA Streamlines
  • Minimum Credit Score of 500 for maximum LTV of 90% with 10% equity evaluated in property being used for the loan
  • Most participating Lenders require a minimum score of 580 on FHA refinancing loans with 3.5% equity

Credit Considerations: In the past, HUD required that borrowers be at least two years out of bankruptcy or foreclosure, in addition to re-establishing credit with timely payments that could be verified. However, exceptions can be granted if you are out of bankruptcy for more than 12 months if you can document difficult circumstances that may have caused the bankruptcy. If this is applicable to your situation, please discuss potential options and refinancing opportunities with a lender that is approved for FHA mortgage refinancing.

FHA in the News: In January 2015, the Federal Housing of Urban Development and the Department of Housing and Urban Development, AKA, HUD lowered the annual mortgage insurance premium by a half percent on all new FHA originations. HUD spokesmen estimated that the lower premium would save the average "FHA homeowners" $900 and year and stimulate first time home buying by 250,000 a year through 2018. It's clear that lower FHA insurance payments have a similar effect as lower FHA mortgage rates.


*FHA streamline approvals are subject to submitting an application to approved FHA loan companies, verification of income, employment, assets and other information like obtaining an acceptable house. Borrowers must already have an FHA lien to be eligible for the streamline. Not all applications will be approved. See HUD.gov for updated guidelines for Streamline program for specific on credit requirements and use or waiver of appraisal.